Reasons Why You Need to Invest Home in Yelahanka


In the last five decades, the area has undergone considerable infrastructural development. You can visit Arvind Belair Yelahanka Price to know the best house for your investment.

Wonderful Educational Facilities


Yelahanka has been on the radar of home buyers for some time. The area’s proximity to numerous engineering parks, where some of the largest multinational corporations operating in the city are located is one of the main reasons why professionals who choose the area buy their homes. Yelahanka is very close to Hebbal, which has some wonderful educational facilities and hospitals and restaurants. However, the land in Hebbal is too expensive for mid-level buyers. So Yelahanka is a much better option for them. The area is also well connected to the plateau town by road and rail. To take advantage of the region’s opportunities, some real estate developers offer apartments in Yelahanka, Bangalore. A buyer can find a residential property and basic services at a very competitive price, ranging from Rs 50-90 lakhs. However, the cost of land in this area has increased steadily by 8-10% in recent years.

People are also buying properties in the Yelahanka-Devanahalli area as a long-term investment goal, as prices are expected to rise soon. According to an analysis of current market prices at property prices that customers are willing to pay, Electronic City and Yelahanka’s micro-savings are closer to buyers’ price expectations. Following an analysis of the area’s capacity, the Karnataka government has set up an agency to promote expansion in northern Bangalore, to turn it into a shopping mall. Yelahanka is famous for many popular events such as the biennial Aero Collection, Bicycle Day, and many others. The big Aero Show event attracts many fans and takes place at Yelahanka Air Force Station. Besides, the newly launched bicycle was a great success and attracted about 3000 cyclists.

Good Place for Investment

These regular entertainment activities have a huge impact on Yelahanka’s residential community, allowing visitors to escape their hectic schedules and enjoy the different colors of life, acting as a catalyst for its residential communities’ long-term growth this northern part of Bangalore. Another reason to create a residential center in Yelahanka is the colossal IT/ITE base. These companies’ emergence has improved the city’s domestic market because most workers see it as the ideal place to call home and are, therefore, willing to invest. Each of the above reasons has led to the escalation of the city’s residential real estate market, attracting many developers who want to start their business in this catchment area, as it is very likely that they will see a reasonable return on their investments in the coming decades. To determine the needs of likely buyers, follow the current residential buildings in Yelahanka, produced by some famous developers.

The project includes 2 or 3 BHK apartments, equipped with all modern amenities and services, including a sports complex, a spacious region, lush green landscapes, a playground, electricity, a clubhouse, a multipurpose room, a shopping center, a sofa for waiting, Wi-Fi and parking. Contemporary design apartments are in the collection of purchase prices of Rs—30-94.4 lakh. The group has started to own their apartments. The project offers apartments from 2-3BHK with all services and facilities such as club residences, gardens, sports centers, emergency generators, and parking. The apartments are allocated at a cost range of Rs. 65-96 lakh. The ownership of the apartments has been introduced into the group. The apartments are available at the cost of Rs. 42-60.4. The apartments are well equipped with modern services and facilities such as a playground, garden, parking, emergency power supply, and more. The ownership of the apartments has been introduced into the group.